Winners Past & Present

While we consider all students who complete original research winners, below are those students who won the regional competitions. Some years we also placed in the national competition. Congratulations to all!

2016 AK Regional Winners

The winners of the 31st Alaska Statewide High School Science Symposium, March 5-6, are Hayley Zacheis (first), Piper Brase (second), Maia Rothman (third), Rocky Schaefer (fourth) and David Chen (fifth). They also won cash prizes, travel funds and scholarships for college.


<i>Photo courtesy of ASHSSS</i><br> Piper Brase hugs her mom after finding out she will be one of the eight finalists. Eventually she placed second overall and will advance to the national competition in Dayton, Ohio.

Photo courtesy of ASHSSS Piper Brase hugs her mom after finding out she will be one of the eight finalists. Eventually she placed second overall and will advance to the national competition in Dayton, Ohio.


2015 National JSHS Winners

Ian Fleming, Petersburg High School, won first place and a $12,000 scholarship at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Michael Kaden-Hoffmann won the 4th place poster award out of 125 posters and a $300 check.

2015 AK Regional Winners

st Place
National JSHS Speaker #1 – Katherine Bates, West Valley High School, Progesterone’s Effects on Compulsive-Like and Anxiety-Like Behaviors of Compulsive-Like Mice, 
Mus musculus

2nd Place
National JSHS Speaker #2 – Ian Fleming, Petersburg High School, Survival of Hatching Coho Salmon (
Oncorhynchus Kisutch) in Relation to the Application of Glyphosate Based Herbicides

3rd Place
National JSHS Poster Presenter #1 – Brooke Gottmeier, West Valley High School, Chlorophyll Levels in Cornus canadensis Undergoing Winter Reddening

4th Place
National JSHS Poster Presenter #2 – Michael Kaden-Hoffmann, West Valley High School Phylogenetic Analysis of DNA Sequences Supporting Three Reciprocally Monophyletic Species in Dwarf Rosebay – 
Therorhodion (Ericaceae)

5th Place
National JSHS Poster Presenter #3 – Quetzal Luebke-Laroque, West Valley High School, The Relationship between 3D Printing Temperatures and Print Quality

6th Place
National JSHS Alternate Delegate #1 – Marlene Bond, West Valley High School, The Music of our Minds – Does Listening to Different Genres of Music Influence Performance on Simple Math Tests?

7th Place
National JSHS Alternate Delegate #2 – Dawson Verley, West Valley High School, A Statistical Assessment of the Reliability of Temperature Trends in the Arctic Atmosphere

8th Place
National JSHS Alternate Delegate #3 – David Chen, West Valley High School, A Genetic Mechanism Underlying Bacterial Drug Resistance

Special Awards:

Alaska Branch of the American Society of Microbiology ($25): William Mitchell, West Valley High School, Investigation of the Sulfolane Degradation Potential of a Variovorax sp. Isolated from a Subarctic Aquifer

Dan Glass Memorial Award from the American Society of Microbiology ($25): Summer Morton, Petersburg High School, The Possibility of the Transformation of Escherichia coli when Cultured in Agar with Genetically Modified Organism Corn 

2015 National JSHS Winners

1st Place
Jake Herrmann, West Valley High School , A Primarily Statistical Approach to Chatbot Design

2nd Place
William Mitchell
West Valley High School , Effects of Kerosene Co-contamination on Sulfolane Biodegradation

3rd Place
Ryan Nicholson, West Valley High School , Microfluidic Droplet-in-air Production Prototyping in Dry-film Photoresist Developed Microchannels’

4th Place
Sally Liane Kuhn, West Valley High School , Cyanoacrylate (CA) vs. Iodine Fuming of Latent Fingerprints: A Comparative Study

5th Place
Abe Haas , West Valley High School , Use of Sodium Nitrite as a Corrosion Inhibitor on Pipeline Steel

6th Place
Summer Morton , Petersburg High School , Using Microsatellites to Determine if Moose (Alces alces) Are Reproductively Isolated in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeastern Alaska

7th Place
Kay Rippy, West Valley High School , Efficacy of Common Household Antibacterial Sprays

8th Place
Ellerie Freisinger , Petersburg High School, Decorations of Oregonia gracilis throughout Petersburg Municipal Harbor

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