How to Register for ASHSSS

To register for the ASHSSS, complete and submit the following items by the appropriate deadline (See Important Dates and Deadlines). All required forms can be found in the 2018 ASHSSS Student Resources and Guidelines document.

Keep a copy of all forms and papers that you submit. Items to submit for Registration:

  • Registration Form
  • Project Approval Form and all additional forms required for your project, with proper signatures. Papers submitted without necessary approval forms (or with necessary signatures missing) may not be accepted.
  • Human Subjects (no student subjects): Attach IRB approval form.
  • Human Subjects (with student subjects): Attach IRB and school/district approval forms.
  • Nonhuman Vertebrate Animals: Attach SRC approval form.
  • Potentially Hazardous Materials: Attach SRC approval form.
  • Formal Abstract: Your abstract will be published as submitted. With your packet of registration materials, include a paper version that is an original, printed with a letter quality printer (See Formal Abstract Guidelines in the  2018 ASHSSS Student Resources and Guidelines). Abstracts that do not meet the guidelines may not be accepted.
  • ONE ELECTRONIC copy of your scientific paper (abstract included).
  • IF you wish to register for 2 UAF science credits, submit the following items with your registration materials (These items may be submitted separately, but must be received by the Monday before the ASHSSS meeting. If you submit a check with your registration materials and your paper is not accepted for presentation at the ASHSSS meeting, your check will be returned to you).
    • UAF Secondary School Student Enrollment Form (NOTE that this form should be submitted to the ASHSSS Director by the relevant ASHSSS deadline, NOT to the UAF Registrar’s office during UAF’s regular registration period).
    • Check for $50.00, payable to ASHSSS.

Send all registration materials listed above to:
Dr. Javier Fochesatto, ASHSSS Director
CNSM, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Alaska Fairbanks
2156 Koyukuk Drive. P.O. Box 757320
Fairbanks, AK  99775

Information about the awards banquet:

The awards banquet will be held Saturday evening, on the first day of the ASHSSS meeting (location and time to be announced). All student participants are invited and each participant may bring one guest at no cost. Additional guests may pay to attend the banquet for the cost of the meal. Reservations and payment for additional guests should be made with your teacher before the ASHSSS meeting. Payment may also be made on the day of the ASHSSS meeting, at registration, or at the awards banquet.

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