How about an 11 to 1 Classroom Ratio!

CNSM has small classes AND big programs – a combination that fosters learning and community in the classroom.

Class size beyond introductory courses tends to be 11 students to 1 professor, which means that you:

  • Can engage with (and not just listen to) the learning
  • Get to know your professors
  • Connect with classmates

While classes are small, our programs are BIG. We have

  • 112 untenured faculty with diverse expertise
  • 7 academic departments
  • More than 30 undergraduate degrees or concentrations to choose from
  • A thriving graduate program – we lead the state in granting doctoral and master degrees and grant half of UAF’s graduate degrees
  • World renowned research institutes on campus where many students conduct research
  • All of Alaska as a natural lab
  • A front-row seat to Arctic research
  • Engaging classes like the ones that go to Hawaii, Katmai or Russia to study volcanoes – most are open to undergraduates and graduates
  • More than 10 seminar series open to the public
  • Several buildings on campus devoted to the teaching of science and math
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