Required core courses

(7 credits)

Internship (STO 604)

Choose one focus (4 credits)

Additional Seminar

Pick one (1 credit)

STO 666 Scientific Teaching
(2 credits)

Students learn effective active learning techniques for teaching science at the university level, develop teaching activities, and create components of a teaching portfolio.

STO 601 Communicating Science
(2 credits)

Students explore hands-on and inquiry based teaching and science communication, then practice these skills in a K-12 or informal setting.

STO 602 Effective Mentoring
(2 credits)

Students learn research-based methods of effective mentoring and develop a mentoring philosophy.

STO 603 Instructional Design
(1 credit)

This seminar explores how to design courses to effectively promote and quantify student learning.

Higher Education
(4 credits)

Students are paired with a faculty member who will oversee the development and delivery of active learning activities during a regular course within the student’s discipline. Prerequisite: STO 666.

Formal K-12 Education
(4 credits)

Students are paired with a K-12 teacher in the community who oversees the intern as s/he develops and delivers classroom teaching activities. Prerequisite: STO 601.

Out-of-School Education
(4 credits)

Students develop and deliver teaching activities during out-of-school time, such as science camps, museum programs, or other formats or venues. Prerequisite: STO 601.

STO 692 Current topics in scientific teaching
(1 credit)

This seminar focuses on current pedagogical literature related to science teaching.

MATH 600 Teaching Seminar
(1 credit)

This seminar focuses on skills needed to effectively teach mathematics.

PHYS 605 Physics teaching seminar
(1 credit)

This seminar course focuses on the special skills needed to effectively teach physics.

  • I am convinced that my College Teaching Certificate (similar to a STO certificate) made me a much more competitive candidate for a tenure-track faculty position and it gave me practical and theoretical skills to be confident and successful in the classroom once arriving at UAF.

    Sarah Hayes
    Sarah Hayes UAF Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry
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