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These seminars are “value added.” Attend one to learn more about what interests you. Below is  a list of seminars in CNSM and in the different research institutes. Many seminar series bring guests from all over the world to speak. All seminars are free and open to the public. There are also many other seminar series. Usually they are listed on the UAF Science Calendar or the UAF Public Events Calendar.

Biomedical and One Health Seminars

The health of people, wildlife and the planet are all connected, a concept known as One Health. This seminar series highlights those connections and covers topics from zoonotic diseases to how sled dogs can act as models for human health. The Department of Veterinary Medicine hosts the series.

Chapman Chair Seminars

Learn about the latest research in the physical sciences. Each year, a distinguished leader in the physical sciences holds the endowed “Chapman Chair” and arranges a series of public talks with renowned scientists. The seminars cover subjects like atmospheric science, glaciers, permafrost, geophysics, climate change and arctic science. CNSM hosts the series.

International Arctic Research Center Seminar Series

Arctic is the theme of this seminar series. Given that UAF is the nation’s Arctic University and a leader in Arctic research, there’s more then plenty of content for these seminars about the atmosphere, oceans and terrestrial processes of the Arctic. Past topics: mooring tidal currents, the Arctic Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment and investigations into the methane research from Arctic peatlands. Learn more.

Friday Geosciences Seminars

What is the geology of Mars like? What dinosaurs used to call Alaska home? These are some of the topics that have been covered in the weekly geosciences seminar series. The Department of Geology hosts the series, which explores current research in subjects like plate tectonics, earth science, paleontology and geography. Free popcorn. Learn more.

Life Sciences Seminars

Life scientists from Alaska and all over the world discuss research and topics in life science in a weekly seminar that the Institute of Arctic Biology hosts. Past topics: the costs of studying wildlife, how to prevent childhood obesity and how the tropics affects Alaska. Learn more.

Science for Alaska Lecture Series

This lectures series brings UAF’s current scientific research to the people of Alaska. Instead of asking people to come to the University, the Geophysical Institute arranges for scientists to travel and speak to different Alaska communities. The GI hosts part of the series in downtown Fairbanks and speakers cover a wide range of topics from earthquakes in Alaska to understanding Arctic haze. Learn more.

The Journal Club: Seminars in Physics

Explore hot topics in space physics, astrobiology, atmospheric sciences, fusion physics and more. Because physics is learning how the world works, the topics are as interesting as they are varied. Past topics: dark matter and whether a frozen ocean on Jupiter’s moon can harbor life. Learn more.

Tuesdays with Chemistry

Get in your element with these chemistry seminars during fall and spring semesters. Undergraduate and graduate students usually take center stage in this series, presenting on their research. which includes anything from making part of a brain transparent to the chemistry of the Alaska’s dynamic environment. Learn more.

Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Seminar Series

Want to learn about research beyond just science and math? The Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity Seminar Series explores the research across all of UAF’s disciplines including music and art. That said, the seminar series still explores science. Every Halloween there is a special seminar to highlight the ghoulish scientific delights.

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