We regret to inform you that Science Potpourri 2020 has been canceled due to  COVID-19 concerns

Here is some information about the event–we look forward to seeing you in the future!

Every year, the College of Natural Science and Mathematics organizes a free science extravaganza for the entire community. It started out as a simple grassroots effort some 20 years ago, but has grown every year as more and more partners across campus join in and offer engaging activities for everyone. There are science shows, make-and-take-home activities, demos and lots of fun for all ages.

Some of the activities at Science Potpourri will include:

  • Make and take home slime
  • The erosion table
  • Make an earthquake
  • Marine touch tank
  • Nitrogen ice cream
  • Activities for toddlers
  • Lava pouring
  • Radioactive rocks
  • Augmented reality sandbox
  • NASA mining robot
  • and much more …
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