CNSM Division of Research

The College of Natural Science and Mathematics has its own Division of Research which serves part of CNSM’s faculty and students. Scientists within this division conduct research as varied as the disciplines the college encompasses. Our faculty, students and staff research climate change, ancient ecosystems, theoretical and applied mathematics, mining impacts, strategic mineral recovery, environmental contaminants, wildlife disease, glacier dynamics and the connection between the health of the environment and its wildlife to people and the planet.

Having this diverse research expertise promotes interdisciplinary research into Arctic issues that matter to Alaska communities and beyond. Our great strength is in transferring this expertise to new generations of researchers and the future workforce of Alaska.

Questions CNSM researchers are asking:

  • What happened to the horses that once roamed ice-age Beringia
  • How can contamination levels in Northern Fur Seals help monitor the health of Aleut communities
  • How can we make paint for the military quarters that self-decontaminates itself in war zones

Our Facilities include:

Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory
AIL is a multi-instrument resource for scientists across Alaska and specializes in electron microscopy and surface and elemental analysis. This lab helps scientists and engineers understand small scale physical processes in areas such as fisheries, economic geology and volcanology.

Alaska Quaternary Center
AQC supports researchers who study the past two million years through its biology, climate, geology and human systems. Researchers with the center work on projects like helping to date archaeological sites or looking at the landscape of Alaska during its last warming period.

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