Types of Gifts

There are a number of different types of gifts that CNSM most frequently establishes. A few of them are:

  • Unrestricted Gifts are the broadest and most useful kind of gifts to CNSM as we decide how to best use the gift. Most often, these gifts are used for student travel grants, seminar speakers, and other such activities.
  • Restricted Gifts are used in several different ways. These gifts are often directed to named scholarships or to a specific type of activity or event.
  • Endowments require a $25,000 minimum for a scholarship or student award; $100,000 minimum for a fellowship; >$2.5M for an endowed chair. Endowments are managed by the UA Foundation in accordance with prescribed guidelines. The principle is protected and only the earnings are spent. These are established for any purpose, restricted or unrestricted, and used to support a chair, fellowship, scholarship, professorship or any other defined use.
  • Scholarships or Student Awards require a $1,000 annual minimum per award or an endowment gift with a minimum of $25,000.
  • Fellowships provide funds for graduate student research. To establish a minimum annual gift of $5,000 or a $100,000 endowment is required.
  • Endowed Chairs (donation exceeding $2.5M)

There are also many ways of giving: annual gifts, special gifts, planned gifts, bequeaths, land transfers stock transfers, and more. If you are interested in establishing one of these types of funds, or want to contribute to a specific fund please contact Hild Peters, CNSM Executive Officer at hmpeters@alaska.edu or 907-474-7941.

For more detailed information about giving, please visit:

For more information on giving to the College of Natural Science and Mathematics, please contact: Hild Peters, CNSM Executive Officer, at hmpeters@alaska.edu or 907-474-7941.

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