Identified Giving Priorities

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Support is a discretionary fund for student support for Fellowships, Stipends, Equipment, Supplies, Travel, Summer Bridging, Field Work, and Webinars/Seminars.

Scholarships and Student Awards several endowed and unendowed funds provide a minimum of $1,000 per student per academic year.

Outreach Programs

CNSM operates several outstanding signature outreach programs – all of which are supported by donated funds. We are proud of these programs and we know that they have made a tremendous impact on the lives of young people.

Alaska Statewide High School Science Symposium (ASHSSS)

ASHSSS is currently in its 30th year, is research, writing and oral intensive program that helps students develop science research, writing, and oral presentation skills administered by the Academy of Applied Science in partnership with UAF. Students complete science research, submit written papers of their projects for technical review and revision and then present the findings to separate panels of judges in four categories. Donations are used for supplies and student awards.

Alaska Summer Research Academy (ASRA)

ASRA is currently in its 15th year, the academy offers engaging and in-depth experiences in science and engineering throughout the year.  During the summer ASRA offers a 2-week summer academy with separate offerings for middle school students and high school students. Additionally, ASRA offers a year-round Saturday program (The Saturday Thing), as well as outreach to schools across Alaska (Community Science Nights/ASRA to the schools). Donations to this program are used for student scholarships and general program costs.

Girls on Ice

Girls on Ice is a mountaineering adventure and learning experience for young women. Girls on Ice is a unique, FREE, wilderness science education program for high school girls. Each year two teams of nine teenage girls and three instructors spend 12 days exploring and learning about mountain glaciers and alpine landscape through scientific field studies with professional glaciologists, ecologists, artists, and mountaineers. One team explores Mount Baker, an ice-covered volcano in the North Cascades of Washington State. The other team sleeps under the midnight sun exploring an Alaskan glacier. Donations provide travel aid, student scholarships and program support.

GeoFORCE Alaska

GeoFORCE is a two week summer field academy for underrepresented students that, over a four-year period, introduces a cohort to a variety of geologic formations in different states and to introduce the STEM fields. The program is designed to engage students early, demonstrate the relevance of science in their everday lives, foster an interest in high school science and math courses, and promote graduation and pursuit of higher education.

Science Potpourri

Science Potpourri is a CNSM tradition. For more than 20 years, the free community event has entertained and inspired the Fairbanks community. Every April on the second Saturday of the month, families and sciences fans trek to the Reichardt Building where science displays and experiments thrive around every corner. Donations are used for advertising, supplies and feeding the volunteers.

For more information on giving to the College of Natural Science and Mathematics, please contact: Hild Peters, CNSM Executive Officer, at or 907-474-7941.

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