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CNSM offers more than 30 undergraduate degrees, concentrations and minors for you choose from within five different departments – Biology and Wildlife, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Geosciences, Physics and Mathematics and Statistics. Each degree below is linked to a course sheet listing required classes.

DisciplineDegree linked to Course SheetConcentrationDepartment
BiochemistryMinorChemistry & Biochemistry
Biological SciencesBABiology & Wildlife
Biological SciencesBSWithout ConcentrationBiology & Wildlife
Biological SciencesBSCell and Molecular BiologyBiology & Wildlife
Biological SciencesBSPhysiologyBiology & Wildlife
Biological SciencesBSEcology & EvolutionBiology & Wildlife
Biological SciencesMinorBiology & Wildlife
ChemistryBAWithout ConcentrationChemistry & Biochemistry
ChemistryBAForensic ScienceChemistry & Biochemistry
ChemistryBSWithout ConcentrationChemistry & Biochemistry
ChemistryBSBiochemistryChemistry & Biochemistry
ChemistryBSEnvironmental ChemistryChemistry & Biochemistry
ChemistryMinorChemistry & Biochemistry
Earth ScienceBAEarth SystemsGeosciences
Earth ScienceBAGeological HazardsGeosciences
Earth ScienceBAMitigationGeosciences
Earth ScienceBASecondary EducationGeosciences
General ScienceBSPhysics
GeographyBSEnvironmental StudiesGeosciences
GeographyBSLandscape AnalysisGeosciences
GeographyBSClimate Change StudiesGeosciences
GeographyBSGeospatial SciencesGeosciences
GeosciencesBSGeospatial SciencesGeosciences
MathematicsBSMathematics Mathematics & Statistics
MathematicsBSStatistics Mathematics & Statistics
MathematicsMinor Mathematics & Statistics
PhysicsBSApplied PhysicsPhysics
PhysicsBSAtmopsheric SciencesPhysics
PhysicsBSComputational PhysicsPhysics
PhysicsBSTechnical ManagementPhysics
Science Teaching & OutreachGraduate Certificate Mathematics & Statistics
StatisticsMinor Mathematics & Statistics
StatisticsGraduate Certificate Mathematics & Statistics
Wildlife Biology & ConservationBSBiology & Wildlife
Wildlife Biology & ConservationMinorBiology & Wildlife
Natural Resources and EnvironmentBSNatural Resources and EnvironmentNatural Resources and Environment
Natural Resources and EnvironmentMinorNatural Resources Management, Sustainable Agriculture (for non-NRM majors only), and Forest ManagementNatural Resources and Environment
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