Life in Fairbanks

The “Golden Heart City” is in the heart of Alaska. The city of 30,000 bustles with festivals, concerts and recreational opportunities. You can rock climb in the morning and then take in a symphony concert at night. Wilderness is a short drive away, but all the amenities and cultural resources of a city are within walking distance or a ride on a the city bus.

The weather is subarctic with summer temperatures reaching 80 degrees or more and winter temperatures dipping below zero. There are some stretches where temperatures can dip to 20 or 30 degrees below and on a rare occasion, even 50 below.

While the winter temperatures may seem daunting, students who come to Fairbanks quickly adapt as the campus and Fairbanks community are here to help you make the transition. Winter time is often “playtime” for many in the area as we have some of the best nordic skiing in the country. During winter, the aurora borealis is common. Summertime brings a riot of green growth and the summer sun only dips slightly below the horizon. Learn more about life in Fairbanks. (

If you want to get off campus and out of town, the UAF Department of Recreation, Wellness and Adventure offers trips for students including ice climbing a waterfall near Denali, which is only 2 hours south.

Anchorage is 6 hours south and can be reached by train or plane. If you have a car or have a friend who owns one, then the state offers many fun destinations like Homer and Valdez. There are also lots of music festivals around the state as well as Alaskan sports events like mushing and snow machine championships.

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