Scope of the Field Camp

The primary focus of our Field Camp is geologic mapping. Mapping projects in Interior Alaska, the Alaska Range, and the Talkeetna Mountains allow students to develop, in stepwise fashion, advanced skills in topographic map reading, geologic observation, construction of geologic maps and map interpretation. It is a traditional Field Camp in the sense that it does not involve GIS applications, other than the use of GPS to get accurate locations.

Geos F454 is a writing-intensive course, thus emphasis will be placed on effective report writing, including organization, clear, concise, and grammatically correct writing.

We will start with small mapping projects within Interior Alaska close to Fairbanks to build basic field mapping skills such as:

  • Pace measurement
  • Pace and compass navigation
  • Measuring, recording, and plotting structural data using a Brunton compass
  • Field identification of major rock types and structures
  • Use topographic maps of various scales
  • Navigation, point location, TRS & UTM coordinates
  • Effective note-taking strategies

With our newly acquired skills we are well prepared to continue with the main mapping projects in Healy (Alaska Range Foothills) and Denali National Park (central Alaska Range), and finally, Limestone Gap (Talkeetna Mountains).

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