Costs – Logistics – Equipment

Take-off of the bush plane after delivering supplies


The costs for the 2019 Field Camp amount to $4,700 and include

  • Undergraduate tuition of 8 credits and Geosciences Department fees (the same for in-state and out-of-state students)
  • Transport to and from field areas
  • Accommodation in the field
  • Three meals in the field, lunch/sandwich bar in Fairbanks

Not included are:

  • Mandatory accident insurance (ca. $140) for remote field areas
  • Initial travel to and departure from Fairbanks
  • Meals and housing in Fairbanks

Financial support (e.g. scholarship) is not available for non-UAF students.


We will stay in Fairbanks for several days at the beginning of Field Camp, and return to Fairbanks for 3 days between the individual segments for laundry, relaxing, finishing reports, and preparation for the next stage. It is your responsibility to arrange lodging during that time. We recommend Residence Life here on the UAF campus. Their student housing buildings are ideally located next to the Reichardt Building which the Geosciences Department calls home. We will provide contact information once you are accepted.

Travel to the field areas, and if applicable within areas, will be done in UAF vans. The Geosciences Department also has a special cook truck which will be used to transport luggage and equipment to the areas, and used as a mobile kitchen while in Healy and Denali. A professional cook will accompany us throughout the whole Field Camp and will do all the purchasing, meal planning (accommodating all dietary requirements) and cooking.  While out in the Limestone Gap fly camp, a special cook tent will provide culinary services.

The three week long Limestone Gap segment is logistically the most challenging, since all equipment and people need to be flown out by small bush planes.


The Geosciences Department will provide everything you need for mapping, including map boards, Brunton compass, GPS unit, bear deterrent (we are in bear country!), color pencils, radio. We also provide wall tents as office space, along with folding tables.

What you need to bring along is your personal gear. That includes real good rain gear (jackets and pants). And I really mean good! At one point we will encounter foul weather while in the field, so you want to be prepared. The same goes for your tent. It needs to be waterproof and suitable for windy conditions. While out in Limestone Gap there is no shelter from wind whatsoever. Two pairs of hiking boots are recommended. Once your boots are wet it is impossible for them to dry while it keeps raining. A good sleeping bag is also a plus. At Limestone Gap we camp at 1,500 feet. It can get cold, especially in windy and rainy conditions, so bring along warm clothes. Once you have been accepted to Field Camp you will receive a detailed list about the equipment.

Please keep in mind that while we are out in the field, there is no chance to buy/replace equipment. The only possibility is in Fairbanks.

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