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Events for February 2018

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Last day for tuition and fee payment; 5 p.m. in person, midnight at UAOnline

Dissertation Defense – T. Arakchaa

Science for Alaska Lecture Series – K. Tape: “Tundra be dammed: Beaver colonization of the Arctic”

Pub Trivia Science Edition

Thesis defense – Mike Johns: “Double brooding in Cassin’s auklets: Demographic drivers and evidence of individual quality”

Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Seminar – R. Brown – “Chinook Salmon Spawning Areas in the Yukon River Basin in Canada and the United States”


PhD Defense – L. Zacher – “Alaskan King Crab: Bering Sea Distributions and a Parasitic Castrator”

Grants and Contracts Open House

Juneau Fisheries Seminar – K. Oke – “(Non)parallel evolution in Alaska salmon”

COSMOS – Careers of Science and Math Opportunity Summit


Science for Alaska Lecture Series – R. Thomen: “Continuity and change: A century of Alaska weather and climate”


Juneau Fisheries Seminar – T. Joyce – “Hidden lives of toothed whales: Ecological and conservation insights from satellite tagging”

WERC seminar – K Gagne: “Dissolved Organic Matter”

Geosciences Seminar – N. Bigelow: “The Bering Land Bridge during the Last Glacial Maximum: A good place to live?”


OLLI Lecture Series – J. Eichelberger: “The Future of Volcanology”

Science for Alaska Lecture Series – M. Whalen: “The Chicxulub impact and the dawn of a new era”

Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Seminar – D. Holen – “Adapt Alaska: Building Resilience in Coastal Communities in Alaska”


Atmos Sci Informal Seminar – M. Stuefer: “Alaska Climate Research Center and affiliated research project work”

Juneau Fisheries Seminar – M. Jones – “Accelerating synthesis science through reproducible science practices”

WERC seminar – Y. Shur: “Permafrost-related causes and consequences of the Sagavanirktok River Delta flooding in Spring 2015″”

UA Museum of the North – Museum Sleepover


OLLI Lecture Series – V. Romanovsky: “The Future of Permafrost”

Alaska Geological Society – J. Benowitz: “No Offset, No Significant Slip to Recent Times, and the Large Translation Mobilists:No Offset, No Significant Slip to Recent Times, and the Large Translation Mobilists: Three Different Perspectives on the Cenozoic History of Horizontal Slip Along the Denali Fault System”

Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Seminar – A. Aguilar-Islas – “CFOS Participation in the International GEOTRACES Project: A Study of the Marine Biogeochemical Cycles of Trace Elements”


PhD Defense – L. Tom: “An Indigenous Teacher Preparation Framework”

February 2018 National Weather Service Alaska Climate Forecast Briefing – R. Thoman

Juneau Fisheries Seminar – B. Hughes – “Food webs, resilience, and function of coastal ecosystems in the Anthropocene”

UA Museum of the North Teen Studio – Whales


Chapman Chair Seminars

Chapman Chair Seminars – B. Bindschadler: “The last mile: Helping decision makers use scientific knowledge”

Chapman Chair Seminars – R. Hock: “Declining mountain glaciers: Do they matter for sea-level rise?”


Chapman Chair Seminars – M. Mengel: “When will sea level stop to rise?”

Chapman Chair Seminars – A. Aschwanden: “The Greenland Ice Sheet: Will it stay or will it go?”

Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Seminar – P. Westley – “Westley Lab Sampler: Collective Movement, Eco-evolution, and Invasion Oh My!”


PhD defense: J. Littlebear: “Teaching through culture in the K-12 classroom”

Juneau Fisheries Seminar – T. Bell – “Insights into the dynamics of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) across large spatiotemporal scales”

WERC seminar – G. Frost: “Ecosystem impacts of environmental change on the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta”

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