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Uma Bhatt

Professor of Atmospheric Sciences CNSM Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences


Expertise: climate variability which aims to understand how one component of the climate system influences another (e.g. ocean and atmosphere) and attempts to explain why something happens; Arctic tundra vegetation changes linked to climate; dynamical downscaling of climate information for Alaska; fire weather in Alaska

CNSM Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Geophysical Institute
International Arctic Research Center

More about my research
Climate variability is critical to understand the natural variability of the climate system in order to address climate change due to ‘anthropogenic’ forcing. I use models, primarily Global Climate Models (GCMs), and observations in my research. One may see some interesting relationship in the observations and then use a model to try to understand the ‘mechanism’ behind this behavior. The climate is a very complex system and each bit of research we do serves to unravel a small piece of (or sometimes complicate) the climate puzzle.

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