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Leah Berman

Professor of Mathematics/Dept. Chair CNSM Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Home Chapman Building 102 1792 Ambler Way Fairbanks Alaska 99709 Work Phone: 907-474-7123


Expertise: study of configurations of points and lines with high degrees of incidence and/or symmetry, especially developing new construction techniques and examples; study of abstract polytopes and their monodromy groups, with an emphasis on polytopes that are symmetric but not too symmetric; discrete geometry


CNSM Department of Mathematics and Statistics
CNSM Division of Research

PhD – University of Washington

Select Publications
• “Highly incident configurations with chiral symmetry” by Leah Wrenn Berman and Jill Faudree, Discrete and Computational Geometry49 no. 3 (2013) 671–694.
• “Geometric constructions for 3-configurations with non-trivial geometric symmetry” by Leah Wrenn Berman, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics20 no. 3 (2013).

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Chapman Building 102 1792 Ambler Way Fairbanks Alaska 99709

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