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Photo of Anupma Prakash Anupma Prakash Associate Dean of CNSM/Professor of Geophysics

Anupma Prakash is the Associate dean of the College of Natural Science and Mathematics, the director of CNSM’s Division of Research and a professor of geophysics in the Department of Geosciences.…

Photo of Matt Seymour Matt Seymour Fiscal Manager
Photo of Lynnette Dunn Lynnette Dunn ASRA Coordinator & Post Award Support

I help coordinate the Alaska Summer Research Academy. I also offer post award support to scientists with the CNSM Division of Research.

Photo of Deanna Fitzgerald Deanna Fitzgerald Purchasing & Travel

I help scientists with the CNSM Division of Research with purchasing and travel.

Photo of Elizabeth Allman Elizabeth Allman Professor of Mathematics

Expertise: biomathematics, including techniques of phylogenetic tree construction, models of evolution; statistics; latent class models; computational algebraic statistics; division algebras; Brauer groups; and Galois Theory


Jodi Baxter Travel and Purchasing Technician
Photo of Leah Berman Leah Berman Professor of Mathematics/Dept. Chair

Expertise: study of configurations of points and lines with high degrees of incidence and/or symmetry, especially developing new construction techniques and examples; study of abstract polytopes and their monodromy groups, with an emphasis on polytopes that are symmetric but not too symmetric; discrete geometry


Photo of Abel Bult-Ito Abel Bult-Ito Professor of Nuerobiology & Anatomy

Expertise: behavioral neuroscience with a focus on how the brain regulates adaptive and non-adaptive behaviors; a spontaneous and predictable mouse model of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is used to understand the brain mechanisms that control the expression of OCD; the mouse model is also used for the testing and development of new drugs to treat OCD in people and OCD-like behaviors in pets, livestock, and zoo animals.…

Photo of Sarah Fowell Sarah Fowell Professor of Geology

Expertise: reconstruction of ancient ecosystems and climates through identification of pollen and spores preserved in lacustrine sediments or rocks

Julene Gavin Human Resources and Payroll Technician
Jennifer Guerard Assistant Professor of Environmental Chemistry

Expertise: research integrates fieldwork, analytical and spectroscopic methods, and quantum chemical modeling in order to characterize and quantify properties of electron transfer and photooxidation mechanisms on a molecular level, which has implications for better understanding the future of Arctic water quality and ecosystem health in a changing climate

Photo of Karsten Hueffer Karsten Hueffer Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine

Expertise: infectious Diseases such as Rabies and Tularemia; disease surveillance in Arctic Fox; rural Alaska monitoring program; incorporate research into academic programs

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