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The natural resources management program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks offers a great education relevant to today’s changing environment, in an amazing classroom and at a price students can afford. Alaska is the laboratory for environmental and resource issues affecting the world.

Department of Natural Resources and Environment


Natural Resources and Environment integrates natural and social sciences in support of making sound decisions with respect to natural resources and our environment.

Why study Natural Resources and Environment at UAF and in Alaska?

  • Alaska has poor food security. Improving it requires creative innovation in agriculture adapted to remote locations in far northern climates.
  • Alaska has vast expanses of relatively pristine ecosystems that need responsible management for achieving objectives in ecosystem services, biodiversity, recreation, management, and economic development.
  • Alaska is undergoing rapid climate change, far more rapid than the rest of the US; it is in many ways the “front lines” of adaptation. Many of the lessons learned in Alaska will be needed by others later.

Our classes allow you to explore

  • natural resource economics
  • recreation management
  • natural resource planning
  • environmental law
  • environmental decision making
  • sustainable agriculture
  • principles of sustainability
  • environmental ethics
  • soils

Some of the questions related to natural resources and environment that UAF researchers are asking:

  • When is the best time to cut firewood in order to minimize drying time?
  • How can reindeer herding develop into a profitable commercial food source?
  • How is climate change affecting forest productivity, wildfire, and other characteristics?

Institutes, programs and labs that foster our student and faculty research

  • Agriculture and Forestry Experiment Station
  • Forest Soils Laboratory
  • Fairbanks Experiment Farm
  • Georgeson Botanical Garden
  • Matanuska Experiment Farm And Extension Center
  • Agronomy Soils Lab 
  • Reindeer Research Program
  • Large Animal Research Station
  • Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity
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