Your academic advisor will guide you through your program of study, helping you to identify the courses required for you to meet your degree goals.

Who is my academic advisor?

New students and transfer students will most likely have two advisors while at CNSM. Your first advisor will be the undergraduate academic advising coordinator, Amy Wald, who will get you started. Most students will be assigned to a faculty member as their advisor by their second semester at UAF, but pre-majors, students with complicated transfer situations, and students working on deficiencies in math or English may continue to see Amy.

When do I meet with my academic advisors?

Prior to the start of every semester, you must contact your advisor to register for classes. Feel free to contact them throughout the semester as well. Let them know early in the semester if you need additional assistance with classes, or advice on dropping, adding, or changing courses.

What will Amy Wald, my first advisor, help me with?

  • initial course selection and planning
  • petitioning for course credit
  • math and English placement exams
  • understanding academic policies

How do I make an appointment with Amy Wald?

You can reach Amy at – for faster service, please include your UAF student ID# if you have one. Her office hours are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

She has two offices:

101A Margaret Murie Building
364 Reichardt Building

What will my faculty advisor help me with?

While Amy can assist you with planning the early phases of your degree program, a faculty advisor has more relevant experience in areas that may be of interest to you. Faculty advisors can play a key role in your career development – whether it’s writing letters of recommendation for graduate school, internships or employment, or assisting you with finding exciting research opportunities on campus. Getting to know your faculty advisor is important.

How will my faculty advisor be assigned to me?

Each department has a different way of assigning faculty advisors, and Amy can advise you as to your department’s procedures.

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