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Get help with math, chemistry and other academics

Math and Stat Lab 

The Math and Stat Lab in Chapman 305 is here to help you with your math and statistics classes whether it’s working on homework or preparing for a test.

Every semester the lab posts a list of tutors, when they are available and what math and statistics courses they can help you with. You can drop in the lab when a specific tutor is there or you can arrange to meet with a tutor one-on-one.

Math Placement Assessment (ALEKS) 

Anyone who is planning on taking a course that requires mathematics placement during or after the Fall 2014 semester and does not have current MATH credit from a course at the appropriate level should register for the UAF Math Placement Assessment through ALEKS (UA login required).

Get help with writing 

The Writing Center helps you in all phases of the writing process from brainstorming and generating topics to editing for clarity and correctness.

Speaking Center 

The Department of Communication offers coaching in preparing and delivering public presentations in 507 Gruening at the Speaking Center.

Math Bridge Program 

If you need help with algebra, precalculus or calculus, you can also enroll in the Math Bridge Program. You can take a 1-credit, two-week course that helps you prepare for these classes before they begin and/or you can take a 1-credit course that will help you understand the math in these classes while you’re taking them.

Get Help with Chemistry 

If you need help with your General Chemistry course, don’t despair. The Chemistry Learning Center in Reichardt 194 provides free, weekly study sessions that run at the same time as your General Chemistry course. You can also arrange for one-on-one tutoring and practice chemistry problems online.

Disability Services 

Assisting students with documented disabilities, Disability Service’s goal is to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at UAF. Academic accommodations are free and available to any student who qualifies as an individual with a disability and is enrolled in at least one credit hour.

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