Meet Your Graduate Coordinator

Your Graduate Student Coordinator is here to help you whether you’re just inquiring about the graduate program or you’re fully immersed in it.

As a graduate student, you must know and comply with all of the regulations and requirements for admission to graduate study and for the completion of the graduate degree requirements. Of course, there is a lot to know and that where we come in. We can help you navigate the paperwork and program requirements for CNSM’s graduate programs.

The Graduate Student Coordinator:

  • acts as an initial contact point for prospective students
  • assists CNSM college with facilitating recruitment events for graduate students
  • prepares application paperwork for faculty to review
  • acts as a liaison between you, the Graduate School, academic departments and the CNSM Dean’s Office.
  • maintains student files for each Department
  • communicates with you about paperwork requirements, policies and deadlines
  • notifies you about professional development, funding and internship opportunities
  • acts as an advocate for you

Here is your current Graduate Student Coordinator for CNSM and the departments represented:

  • Mandi Goddard
  • Biology&Wildlife | Chemistry & Biochemistry | Geosciences |Physics |Statistics & Mathematics |Atmospheric Sciences
  • 362 Reichardt Building
  • 907-474-7755

    Graduate Program Coordinators help coordinate application review for their department or a program within the department. They also determine the processes for things like how a comprehensive exam is given. Not every department has a program coordinator.

    Environmental Chemistry

    Biochemistry & Neuroscience




      School of Education


      Laboratory Coordinators have arrange the laboratory schedules for their department and often coordinate for safety training within their department.

      Biology & Wildlife

      • Denise Kind
      • Instructor, Laboratory Coordinator
      • 223C Margaret Murie Building




      Veterinary Medicine

      • Laboratory Manager/Research Professional
      • 182 Arctic Health Research Building
      • 907-474-1928

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