Some activities at Science Potpourri

There will be three shows at Science Potpourri:

  • “Have a blast with chemistry”
  • “A lava fun with volcanoes”
  • “The physics phunhouse”

There will also be dozens of activities, some of which are featured below. Mouse over the pictures to see what they represent.

Science Potpourri has 2 to 3 science shows.
There's a lot of hands-on activities like making (and taking home) slime, gold panning and more.
Nitrogen ice cream is a favorite to watch being made and to eat.
Erosion is erosion is erosion whether you're dinosaurs from eons ago or a construction crew. Have fun with the erosion table.
Witness lava rock turn back into molten lava again.
Dinosaurs! Need we say more?
The topographic map that overlays this sand box changes as you build mountains or dig out valleys with the sand. Hover your hand over it to make it rain.
Gaze at the stars in a portable planetarium.
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