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Dean Paul Layer

Dean Paul Layer

The Quest of a Question, from Dean Layer

It all starts with a question. It’s the catalyst for discoveries and solutions. Yet how do scientists and mathematicians make the quest in between? Knowing how to make that journey is important because our world is always changing and prompting more questions.

As a scientist, I pride myself that the University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Natural Science and Mathematics emphasizes critical thinking skills along and hands-on experiences with a solid knowledge base. This will help you – whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student – learn how to make your own journey in science and mathematics.

As to the field of study that journey is made in – you have options. We have seven academic departments with 115 faculty members. You have a variety of classes to choose from and many of the degree programs and majors offer concentrations and research opportunities.

You are also in a unique position to take advantage of the vast natural laboratory that is Alaska. For instance, undergraduate students in our geosciences program can attend a field school in Alaska’s mountains. Graduate students have opportunities to work with faculty who specialize in arctic research whether it’s studying the aurora through sounding rockets, understanding the biochemical process of hibernating ground squirrels or trying to define the boundaries of glaciers through mathematics.

So it comes back to a question – why attend the College of Natural Science and Mathematics at UAF? I invite you to explore this website, read about our students and professors and contact us for further information. Make the journey, and if you like what you see, then continue it as an undergraduate or graduate student with us.

Paul Layer
Dean of the College of Natural Science & Mathematics and Geophysicist

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