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Dr. Jürgen Kurths has accepted the Chapman Chair position. He will give a lecture and there will be commemorative lectures from Dr. David Scholl and Dr. Eddy Carmack, who held the Chapman Chair position for the last 10 years.

In the news

CNSM professor Pat Druckenmiller and several students helped discover the first dinosaur bones in Denali National Park.

Photos of the week

Being in the heart of Alaska means abundant opportunities for students to take their education outside the classroom.

Get to know us

Geosciences graduate student studies caves

Graduate student Paul Wilcox came to Alaska to study caves for ice age clues.

Atmospheric sciences professor explores fashion and physics

Nicole Mölders, an atmospherics sciences professor, has her own “High Latitude” fashion blog and has offered programs on the physics of fashion.

Faculty and Research Leaders

CNSM faculty, graduate students and undergraduates help make UAF a leader in research.

Small Classes, Big Programs

Class size beyond introductory courses tends to be 11 students to 1 professor.